If you’ve found your way to this site, I feel like you already know what it’s all about. If not, well then here’s a clue….Books! Fiction or not, novels or (auto)biographies, romance or horror (or the many other genres) – whatever your obsession, you’re here because we have something in common: a passion for reading.

It is an ailment really, a disease – when you pick up the right book, something unexplainable happens that causes your near and dear to forget what your face looks like because it’s lost in the pages of a book and will not reemerge until we find out the fate of our protagonist.  Unfortunately, when you do reemerge your family and friends don’t really want to look the face, that has dried spaghetti sauce on it from when you attempted to multitask. But that’s okay – because we know that (#spoilers) Elizabeth and Darcy have finally ridden off on their horse and carriage into the sunset. We are relieved and joyful that Potter has survived (and saved the world from tyranny). (opps …again, #spoilers – I promise I’ll be better in my reviews)

I also suffer from this condition, but my affliction has advanced. It has now got to the stage where my mind is still aggrieved by pain and suffering my characters had to endure,  or my obsession with my books leads me to recommend it to every stranger that has the misfortune to  pass me in the street, or worse yet –  I bagger my friends with texts every few minutes to see if they have finally reached the plot twist that blew my socks off!

So, for the peace of my family, and in an attempt to preserve the relationship with my friends I’ve found this is the only safe outlet for my craziness. I get to shout it(or type it) in the abyss which is the internet – regardless of if anyone is listening or not (because, honestly, what does that even matter?). But I do hope, for those of you listening,  you enjoy what I have to say.

I welcome suggestions or your opinions – nothing would make me happier!


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